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I'm just an interesting guy from Canada.

[Sep 30 2008, last modified Oct 06 2010]
(+5) Air Cruise Ship
(+5, -2) Alti-Bar
(+7) Conversation zone
(+1) Convertible Travel Pillow for Upright Seating
 DCE Dishwasher Indicator
(+1) Headphone Jack-Off
(+3, -1) Ninja Diet Police
 Paparazzi-Proof LCD Glasses
(+3) Parking Meter Auction
(+5, -1) Password Tontine
(+3) Real Fur, Artificial Skin
(+5) Reduced Scale Ruler
(+3, -1) Replacement for LGBT
(+6, -1) Short-Range Courier
(+6, -2) Student Royalties
(+3, -1) Supercommentary
(+3) Targeted Reviews
 Thumb Bluetooth Implants
(+14, -4)(+14, -4) Toga as formalwear

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