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Toga as formalwear

A fashion revival... After 2000 years
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After the Romans adopted the tunic for everyday wear, the toga became a largely ceremonial garment restricted to formal occasions. I propose that a toga could be worn as a replacement for a suit jacket for informal wear.

A toga worn in this manner would match the colour of the pants (and waistcoat, if applicable), and would be worn over a dress shirt with a necktie, exactly as a jacket would be.

Alx_xlA, Jun 29 2010

(???) take-off on togas for women http://www.oligovil...02/toga-dresses.jpg
[xandram, Jun 29 2010]

toga toga https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toga_party
toga toga Toga TOGA [popbottle, Nov 16 2015]


       // Advocacy? //   

       Uhh... It's awesome and you should give it a bun.
Alx_xlA, Jun 29 2010

       Why not just do it? People all over the world wear ‘national’ costume as a suit-substitute.   

       I would be more interested in advocacy for Barbarian formalwear - strictly nothing but a leather waistbelt and an elbow-length fur cape, accessorised with a heavy jewelled gold brooch and (optionally) a gold-mounted sword.
pocmloc, Jun 29 2010

       While it's not really an original (let's do as the Romans did) idea, and is presented in the form "Let's All Do X" - I actually rather like it and would love it if I went to work where everyone wore a toga. At least during the summer month anyway. [+]
zen_tom, Jun 29 2010

       Marks and Spencers ?
8th of 7, Jun 29 2010

       //After the Romans adopted the tunic for everyday wear//   

       I haven't checked this, but I think the toga was always just a formal garment, comparable to a business suit; after all, it's hard to imagine (manual) working or fighting in it.
pertinax, Jun 29 2010

       [Pertinax] The early toga was a simpler, tighter-fitting, lighter garment than that worn later. As it evolved into formalwear, it became longer, heavier, looser, and its drape became more complicated.
Alx_xlA, Jun 29 2010

       But didn't Cincinnatus still have to take off his (early) toga to return to his ploughing?
pertinax, Jun 29 2010

       I studied Fashion Design and History of Fashion, so I would like this, but I would also like to see ANY kind of creativity in clothing, as the masses are asses...so here's a bun for fun. [+]
xandram, Jun 29 2010

       I think this would be truly tremendous [+]. I could see people for philosophical counselling in it.
nineteenthly, Jun 29 2010

       I think a world of togae would be lovely. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 29 2010

       "Is anything worn beneath the toga ?"
8th of 7, Jun 29 2010

<Sound of wind>
<Tumbleweed rolls past>
<Slow handclaps>
8th of 7, Jun 29 2010

       // "Is anything worn beneath the toga ?" //   

       As I said, it is worn with a suit in place of a jacket.
Alx_xlA, Jun 29 2010

       Aren't togas already work ceremonially in colleges and universities?
ye_river_xiv, Jun 30 2010

       According to a historical map I saw about Europe, the pants come from Crow Magnon culture, (although mentioned in the bible for the priests - but there they were used as underwear).
pashute, Jul 01 2010

       "'it's hard to imagine (manual) working or fighting in it"   

       I prefer to imagine Manuel working and fighting in nothing at all.
dentworth, Jul 02 2010

       You're sick, [dentworth], you need help.
8th of 7, Jul 02 2010

       I have actually trialled this concept at a Roman toga party. Sadly over the evening the staples that clipped together this delicious confection plinked musically one by one to the floor, leaving me at risk of creating an orgy in the kitchen. I fled reciting Plato.
blinddriver, Jul 03 2010

       //You're sick, [dentworth], you need help.//   

       ... says the collective alien personality. :)
pertinax, Jul 03 2010

       I think they are just jealous of Manuel.
dentworth, Jul 03 2010

       Would Senators wear the toga praetexta, then?
smendler, Nov 17 2015

       Alas, this appears to fall into the "not an original idea" category for MFD....
Vernon, Nov 17 2015


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