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Short-Range Courier

When there's no parking and it's REALLY important.
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You're downtown and you need to take a package up to your accountant's office. Alas, however, there are no loading zones around the building and the parking meters are frighteningly expensive.

Enter the Short-Range Courier. You pull up to their street- side window, tell the agent which building and suite the recipient occupies, give the package to them, and pay.

A courier is dispatched on foot or on bicycle with your package, and it arrives in a few minutes.

Alx_xlA, Feb 25 2011


       I'm sure there could be an app for this....a kiosk on every block, you enter recipient info, and pay, and receive delivery confirmation on your phone. I suspect even FedEx would use it, to save on those horrendous parking tickets they pay in New York City
senatorjam, Feb 25 2011

       So you want a bike courier, but only for the delivery (not the collection) side of that existing service? What benefit do you get from having to drop off at a central location? Also, presumably, if you can find out where the existing bike courier office is, I'm sure they'll be happy to accept your package for onward delivery.
zen_tom, Feb 25 2011

       Only a network of bums could provide the geographic distribution of services to meet client needs.
rcarty, Feb 27 2011

       This would be quite useful for the chutney, when Mrs. B and I are dining together on a staff holiday.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 27 2011

       This would be nice to have at drive though windows as well, because its sometimes awkward to reach far enough out the window to get the food.
bob, Feb 27 2011

       // What benefit do you get from having to drop off at a central location? //   

       You don't have to pay for parking while you carry your papers upstairs to an office.
Alx_xlA, Mar 03 2011


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