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[Dec 12 2015, last modified Dec 13 2015]
(+2) Debt Consolidation that Rewards Debt Payoff
 Democratizing railroads
(+5) Drone with Air-to-Ground Power Tether
(+4) Efficiency Improvements for Window A/Cs
(+6) Japanese "Coffin Style" Sleeper cars with commual shower & lounge space
 Mini Water-Chiller Air Conditioner
(+11)(+11) Mom-and-Pop directory with small business tools
(+4) Perforated Flooring with a Drained Basin subfloor
(+5) Piggyback car shipping pulled behind semi trailer
 Price Tracker that buys a item on-your-behalf for a reasonable cost
 Road train of buses (Bus Train)
(+5, -1) Stagger workdays to spread rush hours
 Triple Thick 3.5” Hard Drives

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