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Japanese "Coffin Style" Sleeper cars with commual shower & lounge space

For those who just want to sleep flat comfortably...
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I have an idea for budget sleeper accomidations on intercity trains, using those Japanese "Coffin hotels" for single-person sleeping quarters. The Pods are configured widthwise on the railcar, hallway on one side with stacked Pods on the other. Single travellers can opt for the low-end 7x4x4' (External dimensions) Pod, capable of fitting the fattest travellers. Larger (and higher-end) pods are available as well, including one or two double-occupancy pods sized accorindly. Each Pod car has a communal shower(included with fare or extra cost depending on railroad), restroom, vending machine, & lounge area. The lowest-end Pods cost slightly more than a coach seat.

All pods are sound-insuated, have full size window (also an emergency exit), safety padding on sides and ceiling, and static ventalation on the pod door. Blackout & privacy curtain(s) are standard. Pods come standard with reading light, outlet(s) and USB ports for travellers electronic devices.

Base-level pods get a springy sponge pad with waterproof fire-retardant casing for decent sleep. Basic pillow and blanket are included. Lowest-end single-person pods are a "coffin style motel".

Upgrade options for the pods are available for different class railroads. If anybody in charge of the sleeper cars at AMTRAK is reading this, here is a great idea that many passengers will love.

Dignium, Dec 13 2015

Capsule transportation capsule_20hotel_20_...sportation_20system
Not entirely unlike this idea? [hippo, Dec 14 2015]


       Old-style sleeper cars had bunks along each side, with curtains for privacy. Worked fine.   

       This idea is simple and entirely practical, so not sure what it's doing here.
8th of 7, Dec 14 2015

       ^ Some had doors. horribly cramped. this idea would make it worse, though you could cram maybe 1.5x as many people in. Imagine being the guy in the bottom pod and crawling out into the aisle. Bun if you can figure out how to launch them out the side, though.
FlyingToaster, Dec 14 2015

       Modern "couchette" cars have 6-bunk compartments for second-class passengers, which are pretty high capacity already.
pocmloc, Dec 14 2015


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