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Efficiency Improvements for Window A/Cs

Further insulating the cold & hot side for better efficiency.
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These are some improvements to further improve the heat transfer of a Window A/C unit, mainly focused on better seperation between the hot and cold side:

-Have a metal break in the A/C housing from between hot and cold side, to better isolate heat on the hot side from conducting into the cold side. -Add a highly heat reflective insulation sheet on the hot side of the styrofoam wall that seperates the hot and cold air side.

These two improvements can raise the efficiency of the Window A/C without losing price point.

Dignium, Sep 08 2016


       Problem with a materials break in the case/frame is a materials break in the case/frame. Compressors are *heavy* and window A/C's connect to the windowframe at the front. All up with the reflective thing, if it would be an improvement.   

       With a bit of work you could mount the body of the A/C on the outside wall, then just attach in/out airhoses to go into the house. Sorta like mini-central-air. Do the control thing wirelessly.
FlyingToaster, Sep 11 2016

       Much better to insulate the building than go for minimal gains on the a/c unit itself.
8th of 7, Sep 11 2016

       Move to England.
not_morrison_rm, Sep 11 2016

       ''Much better to insulate the building than go for minimal gains on the a/c unit itself''   

       My recent trip back to England reminded me of something. Doors fit. A tremendous upside of building in brick is that there is minimal warping/shrinking/swelling. Subsequently, English doors fit. All my home doors have alternate sticky bits and big gappy bits. Then there are basements and floors don't have any carpets (mixed feelings about that). So all my cold AC air falls through the floor, around the doors or is heated up and ejected by the clothes drier. Similarly, the central air outlet for the small bathroom is the same size as the medium bedroom. So the bathroom's freezing, the bedroom is OK, the and the waste heat from 3 apartments worth of poorly insulated water heaters keeps the basement from being arctic. It's a silly system. I'd be putting a window AC unit in, only the immovable metal bars on the window prevent that. There really needs to be a better popular understanding of insulation in the US.
bs0u0155, Sep 12 2016

       )( thermoses   

       to restate the idea as an ascii graphic. I think it would work
beanangel, Sep 15 2016


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