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Perforated Flooring with a Drained Basin subfloor

Perforated Flooring allows spills to drain away, and makes cleaning easier.
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Imagine a room with faux hardwood, where spills seep through the floor by design. No sloping the floors to a central drain, just a nice living room floor that you can hose down. Underneath is a concrete floor, with a central drain and a exhaust fan to prevent mold and mildew.

The perforated floor is fully supported and feels solid, and the holes are barely visible, but you can spill a full 20 liters bucket on the floor and not flood the room.

You can dust and wash it down through the floor, and even soak rugs where they lay, and the exhaust fan will dry it all out.

Dignium, Jan 30 2019

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       Hmm... probably not good for cold environments, but I wonder if this is baked somehow somewhere as it seems obvious.
RayfordSteele, Jan 30 2019

       You would have to find the right balance between perforated or porous/permeable. 20 litres dumped on anything will make a mess, regardless of its draining properties. But a good idea!
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 30 2019

       Cleanliness would be an issue over time with piles of dust, tracked in material and lost skin building up in drain holes.   

       I don't think there's a self cleaning drain (new non friction material?) , most are just backwashed.
wjt, Jan 30 2019

       Big enough gaps/holes in the flooring to see the rubber sharks* circulating (on thin wires) below.   

       *Optional Cthulhu.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 30 2019

       //self-cleaning drain//   

       A bit of negative pressure could be interesting. Sortof an upside-down air hockey table.
RayfordSteele, Jan 30 2019

       The dog can just remain inside on those cold winter days.
whatrock, Jan 30 2019

       I don't think this would actually help you get away with four murders.
notexactly, Feb 03 2019

       I wonder if anyone has used "grasscrete" indoors yet. You could walk around on the clover/grass in your living room without grinding it down and could certainly utilize a deeper floor drain.
beanangel, Feb 04 2019

       ^ I don't think you'd have to go that extreme : each room has pretty distinctive pathways : just put flat rocks there, and non-supported grass in the other areas, where they occasionally, but not usually, get walked on.
FlyingToaster, Feb 04 2019

       //A bit of negative pressure could be interesting.//   

       I think you've invented the under gravel filter for humans... <link>
bs0u0155, Feb 12 2019


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