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[Mar 18 2014, last modified Mar 19 2014]
(+4) Automatic water pistol
(+5, -1) Cantilevered card bridge
 Carbon fibre mace
 Corrected hour record
(+17)(+17) Door of faith
(+3) Edible Communion cup
(+6) Everyday achievements
(+3) Hearing hands
(+7) Less imaginary imaginary numbers
(+4) Multi-pendulum swing
(+2) Pasta selection scheme
(+9, -1)(+9, -1) Penis toggle
(+2, -1) Polling card questionnarie
(+2) Standardised fuel pricing
(+8)(+8) Urban rockpool
(+3) Vertical drawers
(+5, -1) Vestiphobic finial
(+4) Vortex warfare
(+7) Wired backbox

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