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Vestiphobic finial

De-cloaking device for staircases
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This is a pirate's hat-shaped finial which attaches atop the newel posts at either end of a domestic staircase. Its wide brim prevents wives and children using these posts as impromptu coat hangers.
EnochLives, Dec 28 2014

Quoted from Summerset section http://en.wikipedia...In_Death_characters
Fiction, but... [popbottle, Dec 28 2014]


       An extremely sharp carbon-steel spike with razor-sharp flutes, designed to destroy anything placed on it, would be better; but still, [+].
8th of 7, Dec 28 2014

       Ar me hearties pirate rowers await execution of / for their cloak and dagger plans on the barrister.
rcarty, Dec 28 2014

       In GCHQ's old building, they had a less attractive version of this: perpex semicircles screwed to the finials. It was for the same reason, though: to stop visitors hanging coats or bags (or bombs) there.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 28 2014

       Running gag in the "In death" series by j.d. robb   

       "she throws her jacket on the newel post at the foot of the main staircase because she knows it annoys him"   

       She = Dallas, lt. Eve   

       Him = Summerset The butler   

       See link
popbottle, Dec 28 2014

       Compressed air blowing the jacket off, or a (hidden) lightly sprung hinge as the attachment point of finial & newel. In either case the jacket gets draped on the finial, and the finial blows or drops it off.
FlyingToaster, Dec 29 2014

       Alternatively make the post as tall as the floor, but I have an instinctive dislike for deliberately making anything less useful in any way so [-]
Voice, Dec 30 2014


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