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Buzzwords: Brit, Anarcho-Capitalist-Libertarian, Heinleinite, Transhumanist, Hacker (Code and electronics) and frustrated would-be Body & Brain Modder.

Str 6, Dex 6, Con 10, Health 1. Night-shift worker, with all the attendant fashion sense, otherworldliness and undead appearance that this usually entails.

[Aug 07 2001]

(+10)(+10) Backspace, Delete, Transpose
(+1) Bad Weather Umbrella
(+9, -3) Develop a lighter-than-air solid
(+2, -1) Digital VHS Cassette
 Frameless Sunglasses
(+2) Implanted Shades
(+7) Instant Teletext
(+8)(+8) Integer Cash Petrol Pumps
(-4) Mislaying Aversion Therapy
(+3) Planetary Ring
(+3, -1) Reversing Hologram
(+1) Tapered Optical Fiber Screen Extension
(+1, -4) Velcro Towels

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