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Tapered Optical Fiber Screen Extension

Pipe your screen image to wherever you need it
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One of the cheapest and most useful tools I own is a small length of optical fiber with a shroud on one end that connects to a Maglite pen, with which I can illuminate inaccessable places inside computer towers buried below desks. An even better product than this would be a few hundred thousand hair-thin, tapered fibers bunched together in a flexible endoscope cable that flared out to monitor size at one end, and to a ~1 inch screen at the other. With the big end clipped to the VDU I could work on the BIOS and OS while I was below deck, without diving in and out every five minutes constantly cracking my head against pointy things.

Other possible uses are watching TV or working/playing on the computer whilst reclining in easy chair, bed or bath, or using a smaller version as a cheap HMD for a wearable laptop without all those hideously expensive bleeding edge microelectronics, lasers, and MEMS.

Mharr, Aug 11 2001

Tapered Optical Fiber (Image Conduit) http://www.plastecs.../fiber%20optics.htm
[bristolz, Dec 15 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I think these are called "image conduits."
bristolz, Dec 15 2001

       I like this idea as I frequently find myself in the same position. Still need to reach the keyboard, though.
phoenix, Dec 15 2001


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