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Velcro Towels

That's the whole description, really.
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It may not be possible to make the hooky side as comfortable/absorbant as the loopy side, but when some sod rings the doorbell, simply fling the towel around yourself and head downstairs. Instant toga. A towel with a fluffy side and a scratchy side could have therapeutic uses anyway.
Mharr, Aug 08 2001

Like this. http://www.salonwea...cianessentials.html
[angel, Aug 08 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       You can get towelling bath-wrap-sarong-thingies which fasten with Velcro (per link), but this may be easier. Just don't tumble-dry two of them together.
angel, Aug 08 2001

human411, Aug 11 2001

       Their are certain places where the Velcro shouldn’t "connect” with. Why not use a fiber magnet instead. It’s flexible and magnetic.
emtae, May 05 2002


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