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~~Myths can come and go, they fade away with time, but one thing you must remember is Legends Never Die!~~

Oh, and its recommended you don't listen to me much, I tend to be a wordy melodramatic cynic.


Well, still a cynic, but for much more valid reasons.

That opening Legends Never Die 'quote' was from a D&D game I ran at the time...I think I'll leave it.

Much, much love to the halfbakery. I would not have so much hope and love for the internet's potential without it. More love than text can express to [jutta], and the users that kept this great site alive all these years. I have seen all the other sites I loved and lost vanish over the past years, so CHEERS HALFBAKERY!!!

[Aug 28 2001, last modified Jan 04 2011]

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