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Necklace Alarm

A Reminder For The Average Outdoor Worker
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This device would be an alarm to wear about the neck. It would keep the time and it would have an audible alarm to alert you that your turkey is almost cooked or your laundry is finished. I realize that there are many brands of watches out there that can do the exact same thing, yet if you work in the garden or other do hands-on activities a lot (or if you just don't like watches), a necklace would be the perfect alternative.

There would be all sorts of fashionable pendant styles for both men and women. Oh, and the time display would be concealed as pictures are in many pendants. With micro chip technology, it would be unobtrusive and not too expensive. Who knows, it might actually create a new fashion trend!

NeverDie, Feb 01 2002

Necklace alarm/timer http://www.rollingp...isplay=dept&dept=25
There are dozens of these things. Check Google First. [hello_c, Feb 01 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Talking Pocket/Pendant Alarm Watch http://www.cobolt.c...5Fid=1&pf%5Fid=0030
Baked. I've also seen many of these for the visually impaired, but of course, there are no pictures. [waugsqueke, Feb 01 2002]


       I could say fob watch to you, but I like this. The thought of a really butch builder with a sweet ickle necklace, sapphire on jet number (like UnaBubba promised me for Christmas and it never arrived) that goes peep peep hello sailor time to go home.
po, Feb 01 2002

       I did search google, yet I failed to see this. Still, I believe my idea is different enough from that bulky device to constitute not being baked (Oh, and since PeterSealy linked to the same device as hello_c, I deleted the link. Hope you don't mind).   

       Po, I love your idea for a design. Sounds great!
NeverDie, Feb 01 2002

       I think we are talking jewellery here, not a timer hanging around your neck. This is upmarket stuff Peter, we are talking serious dosh. A little present from that classy fellow to a really fashionable lady.
po, Feb 01 2002

       I just put a watch around one of my belt loops when doing outdoor chores.
seal, Feb 01 2002

       I have two digital timers that clip on to your clothing. Not ornamental.
waugsqueke, Feb 01 2002

       oh where is lewisgirl and blissmiss when you need them. waugs what do you know about fashion accessories? sorry that should be "are" hope UB not watching my awfuk grammar.
po, Feb 01 2002

       More that I need to, po.
waugsqueke, Feb 01 2002

       We could put a timer in a scrunchy; minatory reminders would be even better coming from the back of your head. Or in earrings, in stereo.
hello_c, Feb 01 2002

       Now you are talking hello_c ! The only problem with earings or a scrunchy would be that a time display would be impossible/inconvinient.
NeverDie, Feb 01 2002

       "We could put a timer in a scrunchy..."   

       Dare I say it?...
phoenix, Feb 02 2002

       I must be missing something...
NeverDie, Feb 02 2002

       Ponytail fastener alarms.
TeaTotal, Feb 02 2002

       if this takes off maby people will stop pointing to thier arm when they ask the time. like we dont know where our watch is, but with all the funky places you could put the alarms (earings, scrunchies? etc.) you could forget where it is =)
i-Mer, Feb 02 2002

       even better: i saw a product in the airport in taiwan that you stick in your ear- the EARLARM.
gnormal, Feb 04 2002


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