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Who Wants My Spare Change?

Sure its just a penny, but apparently a lot of people want it.
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Now, we all know that whenever you go into a store of some kind, (be it Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, or whatever) they usually have a charity box. Sometimes this is the homeless, sometimes it's AIDS, and sometimes its the greedy people behind the counter CLAIMING they need college tuition.

Anyway, what about some kind of a setup where you get to choose which cause gets your mighty quarter (like five or six charity boxes)? This might even prompt more people to give, and all of the change might not go to some sixteen year old's smoking habit!

NeverDie, Sep 04 2001


       My address in on my website...just take all your spare change to the bank, deposit it, and write me a check every month.
Susen, Sep 04 2001

       Will there be a streaming video of you rolling around in the money? <as per the .5bakery Monopoly...>
StarChaser, Sep 08 2001

       Sure...that can be arranged if I get enough money in which to roll around.... ;-)
Susen, Sep 08 2001

       I don't get the part about the smoking rabbit either. Isn't there a law against setting fire to animals?
Dog Ed, Sep 08 2001

       Donate to Pedants Anonymous, NeverDie. These people clearly need help.
sdm, Sep 09 2001

       sdm's right. Help me before I snark again.
Dog Ed, Sep 09 2001

       smoking habbit   

       smoking habit   

       smoking rabbit   

       smoking rabid
po, Sep 09 2001

       um.. hate to be too-serious... but why so cynical about the motives of all teenagers? frankly, there's a large contingent of us who don't smoke, and do need college tuitions... an education don't come cheap, sir.
Urania, Oct 27 2001


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