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Halfbakery Reunion Ceremony

Half-Bakers 2000 Unite!
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I don't know about all you new half-bakers. I surely appreciate you all keeping this amazing site alive, while all other sites I visited during the late 90s/early00s disappeared into the digital ether. Most internet users nowadays have NO sense of history or nostalgia.

I remember awesome users on here like Po, bristolz, hippo, RayfordSteele, and gizmo (and the always awesome admin, jutta). I remember the top rated ideas being talking road cones or some such incredible nonsense. I remember a site that came up with ideas months if not years before their eventual implementation. I think there should be a concerted effort to reunite this site's founding bakers. The originators of so many NOW brilliant ideas. I do not presume to be one of them, but I sat there, and I threw my two cents in, and I felt a part of this great community for awhile.

Jutta, PLEASE make an effort (if one has not already been made in my absence) to reunite/hono(u)r the original halfbakery. It was one of the greatest sites of the early 2000s, and it is a damn shame that I didn't stick with it, along with all the other great users. (I did check some users that I remembered before posting this. Awesome that many are still active. My sentiment remains though, as many are not).

***EDIT - I changed EPIC to AWESOME, because everyone knows nowadays retro is AWESOME. It is pretty EPIC to use AWESOME, 'SRSLY'.

Also, I truly respect the hono(u)r system of edits that halfbakery still uses. Most sites assume dishonesty, and mark edits. Halfbakery assumes honesty and allows -users- to mark edits. Bravo. EDIT***

NeverDie, Jan 04 2011


       Send out word to all servers of the web! Unite the clans!   

       I was around in the early days, but as a multiple account ubertroll. I was in my mid-teens then.   

       There was a good group back then, but I wouldn't be so nostalgic though. The halfbakery ebbs and flows.   

       Also too many instances of 'epic'.
rcarty, Jan 04 2011

       I learned to not troll on the Halfbakery. I learened that internet persons are REAL, THINKING persons on the halfbakery. I learned what is digital, can be real, if it is honestly and truly expressed, on the halfbakery.   

       I pray that this bakery is still a civilized corner of the internet, since this was how I was raised on these here "intertubes" as the younguns now say (and you were right rcarty. I changed two 'epic's to 'awesome's as it was the equivilent word of our ancient 90s times).
NeverDie, Jan 04 2011

       What would be the cutoff date? I opened my first account six years ago after at least several months of lurking, so am i a newcomer?   

       // ideas months if not years before their eventual implementation //   

       This may still be happening for all we know because we can't see the future.
nineteenthly, Jan 04 2011

       Basically, my intent was to call to anyone who pines for the days of a kinder, more rational internet.   

       So, you are more than welcome nineteenthly, since you are clearly ten times the halfbaker I ever was a few years before you.
NeverDie, Jan 04 2011

       [Rods Tiger] I got some presents for Christmas, and I could see them.
hippo, Jan 04 2011

       Hehe, I feel like Michael J. Fox here, with the different user names from waAaAy back, and such craAaAzy, time bending things. So do we call [Ian], [Rods Tiger], regularly, or is that kind of 'name calling' just for nostalgia's benefit?
NeverDie, Jan 04 2011

       could you tell what they were by feeling them?
po, Jan 04 2011

       I've called [beanangel] [treon]. I refer to my wife as [grayure] because that was the problem with that account - shared and therefore dodgy. Some of the contributions were hers, some mine.
nineteenthly, Jan 04 2011

       The rest of us could tell by the red handprint on the side of his face.
FlyingToaster, Jan 04 2011

       //Half-Bakers 2000 Unite!//   

       I have to say, I am *slightly* disappointed that this isn't an idea for a team of Halfbakers to combine into one giant robot to save humankind from a Godzilla-like alien fishbone monster...
Jinbish, Jan 04 2011

       [Ian] - I am always touched by your presents, dear.
hippo, Jan 04 2011

       I stumbled upon the hb in 2005. I read all the *greatest hits* and some of the *lore* and even encountered some of these great halfbaking personalites, but things are always changing. Whilst I might pine for this place to be more active, I am still grateful that it's still here!!
xandram, Jan 04 2011

       I was here before the Great Crash. I have no idea how long it's actually been, in fact. Since sometime between 2000 and 2003.   

       It's been a consistently wonderful hangout.
gisho, Jan 04 2011


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