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Any sufficiently esoteric argument is indistinguishable from bullshit.

[Dec 16 2003, last modified Jun 21 2005]
(+4) 3D Printed Croissants
(+8, -2) Car-apace
(-2) Driver's side Cell-in-use Vehicular Indicator
(+3, -2) High-Tech Eyedrop Delivery System
 Idea Generator
 Is This Opiate Of The Masses Hot or Not?
(+16, -3)(+16, -3) Meme Catcher
(+2, -1) Mood Food
(+6, -3) Pope Collectible Trading Cards
(+5, -1) Society for Creative Retro-Future Anachronism
(+3, -1) Tactile Feedback Monitor
(+4, -5) Vehicular Laser Proximity Indicators
(+4, -1) Writers' Muse

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