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3D Printed Croissants

High Speed Steaming Bread Emitter
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This idea uses nascent three dimensional construction technology on a macro, practical scale: a dedicated 'bread printer' creates layered croissants, baklava, or apple strudel (with special honey or applesauce injecting attachments) building them up on a napkinette before your eyes, with a rapid back-and-forth printing motion. The printer head would be very hot, cooking the doughy mass as it layered it on the previously 'printed' layer, making a flaky crumbly pastry ready to serve in mere seconds.

The layer thickness of the bready mass is not ink-thin; each layer is about the thickness of a typical bread crumb--massively thicker than ink, and since much fewer passes would be needed to create the pastry, your croissant would be ready toute de suite.

With just a little tweaking of the pastry printer's software, your corporate logo could be built up on the side of the pastry in attractive bas-relief.

Soterios, Mar 22 2005

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       going to bed now - this just has to be fattening, zillions of calories...
po, Mar 22 2005

       Cool. Is there a way to have it make chocolate-filled croissants?
Machiavelli, Mar 22 2005


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