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High-Tech Eyedrop Delivery System

Lasers - Solving the World's Problems one at a time
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So. You have this little gadget, about the size of an i-pod, in which you affix the eye-drop solution of your choice. When the need arises, you tilt your head back as usual, holding the business end of the bottle over your eyeball as normal.

The gadget then extends a little arm with a tiny camera and laser projector on it. The laser is the low-output type that the monitor design people are using to project your computer screen onto your eyeballs. This one is a simpler design.

After a blessedly short interval, it projects a startling image onto your retina (the devil, George Bush, Dolly Parton, Goatse, or what-have-you), but to one side, so that you involuntarily look away from the bottle to get a better look at this apparition in the corner of your eye.

When the camera detects that you are not looking at the bottle, it squeezes drops into your eye. You don't blink because you never saw it coming.

Also, this device would be USB capable so you could download new and different startling images from the internet, in case the sudden appearance of the devil, or George, loses its edge.

Soterios, Jun 14 2005

see what I mean? Surprise_20Visine_20Spray_20Bottle
I mean, come on! just add lasers. [zeno, Jun 15 2005]


       Pointing lasers at eyes. Now thats a good idea. You will be seeing red for the rest of your life. Warning afixed. "Aim away from face"
10clock, Jun 15 2005

       10, I did specify a low output laser. Regular light goes into your eyes all the time; you couldn't see without it. A low powered laser is just another light source, about as dangerous as watching television.   

       Do a google search on Retinal Scanning Display or Virtual Retinal Displays. There's more people working on laser displays than you can shake a stick at, and most of the papers I scanned through seemed way past the point of pasting people's retinas.
Soterios, Jun 15 2005

       This would be better of as an annotation to (link), this way it resembles theft.-
zeno, Jun 15 2005

       Sorry, zeno, I thought it was different enough to add it as a separate idea. I thought it self-evident that it was inspired by the two other visine entries. At any rate, no insult, offense or plagiarism intended.   

       If you are truly offended, say so, and I'll delete it next time I check it.
Soterios, Jun 16 2005

       No, I am not offended. I see no cause for deletion or else I would have called for it. I just don't like ideas that are a spin-off of other halfbakery postings. They rarely add something truly interesting or funny or innovative. I wanted to voice my opinion as have others, and at this moment you have three for, two against: little bun for you on average. This isn't a democracy but it is a good thing I am not the dictator.
zeno, Jun 16 2005


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