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Meme Catcher

Keeps the bad memes at bay
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Consumer cultural totem composed of optical fiber, CAT5 cable conductors, car aerials, and bits of PC-boards and silicon chips, arranged in an aesthetically pleasing knotted and netted pattern. Consumers hang it near devices of media interaction (like computers and television sets) to "capture the bad memes" so that one's media experience is rendered as pleasant as possible.

Little plastic corporate logos could also be worked into the pattern. The basic meme-catcher pattern would be variants on a smaller, stylized version of the old 50's television test patterns which appeared after hours, broadcast from stations which were off the air.

Sort of a post-modern religious totem.

Soterios, May 03 2005

Wikipedia: meme http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme
[Etymon, May 03 2005]

test patterns http://www.high-tec...om/testpatterns.htm
The first one... [daseva, May 03 2005]


       Spiffy. I'll take eight!
Acme, May 03 2005

daseva, May 03 2005

mensmaximus, May 03 2005

       Great! Make one!
bungston, May 03 2005

       It happens a lot here that ideas are inspired by other ideas. I dislike most of these and have taken sarcastic steps (my self-deleted idea pimp my garden gnome) to point out to others that this is a bad thing in general. I mean half the ideas here don't amount to much anyway and to actually have spin-offs from bad ideas makes everything so much worse.   

       I found it refreshing to see the memes idea by [daseva] and I congratulate [Soterios] with this excellent spin-off. big +
zeno, May 03 2005

       yeah + I don't understand a word but want to be part of it...   

       Sot - could you talk english for a moment?   

       I do have an eight sided mirror hanging by my north facing door - if it helps...   

       zeno - you deleted pimp my garden gnome? am devastated...
po, May 03 2005

       Sot - let's go in on this. You call the shots.   

       Yeah, I never got to see the gnome pimp!
daseva, May 03 2005

       //Somebody set up us the bomb.// Oh no, mine isn't working! Time to do the meme dance.
Acme, May 04 2005

       All your base are belong... hey! Where'd it go? [+]
moomintroll, May 04 2005


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