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Once Living in Vigornia, in a life unsoporifica,
Now an organic sprout farmer in Canadia
working up the mental gymnastics for an idea......


[Sep 25 2001, last modified Aug 11 2017]
 Civvie-Street Action Man
(+5) Halfbakery correct nursery rhymes
(+2, -4) Halfbakery Non-Log-On Remonstrator
(+7) HB Idea Top Trumps
(+26)(+26)(+26) Martial-Arts-Fight-Scene Restaurant
(+1) Mechanised Snowman Melee
(+3, -1) Mobile Phone Cloakroom
(+4) Motorway Roundabout Waltzer
(+5) RC Heli-Mower
(+9, -3) Surprise Retro-Birthday Party
(+5) The Action School of Excellence
 The Supermarket Shopping Trolley Run
(+13, -1)(+13, -1) Traffic Jam 'Creep' Button

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