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The Supermarket Shopping Trolley Run

Watch hapless celebs being mown down by remote controlled Shopping Trolleys!
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If you have heard of the Pamplona Bull run, skip this next paragraph.
This race is run once a year in Pamplona during the San Fermin festival in Spain, it involves a large amount of very silly people letting themselves be chased through the streets of Pamplona with only a rolled up Newspaper to protect themselves with... very silly indeed.
What I propose is a humane gameshow version of this show where A/B-List celebrities are the victims, (purely for amusement purposes of course) In this game a very large supermarket is cordoned off into a one-way race course so that the contestants have to run down one aisle then up the other and so on, until they reach the end.. with one catch.
They are being chased by remote controlled motorised Supermarket Shopping Trolleys* controlled by C-List celebrities**, the General Public get to watch on the outskirts of the Supermarket.
the "chased" are given copies of "Hello" magazine to beat away the shopping trolleys, whilst the chasers merely have to knock a celeb to remove them from the race. Extra points given for (minor) injuries. The Winning "Chaser" (most "tags") and "Chased" (First over, or nearest to the finish line) get to donate money to charity thus making the show worthwhile, and providing us all with a good hoot in the meantime.

This Gameshow has many fun factors in my view.
a) obviously we get to see a lot of celebrities making themselves look foolish.
b) Not only will the "chased" celebs play dirty tricks on each other (tripping each other up, grabbing bottles of oil to empty on the floor behind them for unwary celebs/trollies to founder on), but also the "chasing" trolleys may very well be nudging each other out of the way in a bid to nail that "particular" celeb. It is good, clean, and very silly entertainment.
c) being as there are so many celebs you could make it into a tournament for longevity purposes.

*All trollies will be padded for safety reasons *ahem*
** Originally I was envisaging the trolley controllers being aloft so they could control the trollies remotely, but perhaps it might be more fun to have the celebrities inside the (now heavily padded) trollies also wielding rolled up "Hello" Magazines.

Idea was formed whilst reading blissmisses naked supermarket sweep, thinking about the bull run and drinking a lot of coffee, sorry if it seems more than a little bizarre

The_Englishman_Abroad, Oct 09 2001


       Not bad. I think it could be improved if you got closer to the bull run though. Friends of mine used to play a game involving sitting in (or if you were very brave lying on top of) a supermarket trolley and having someone push you or going down a hill. The hill bit was for the suicidal only; I've been pushed on occasion but only on the flat. SO my idea would be you put a few extra-hated celebrities in trolleys at the top of a hill, pack the hill with other celebrities, and let the trolleys roll! Instant chaos, and, to be frank, death.
pottedstu, Oct 09 2001

       Kind of like a "Celebrity Multi-Pin trolley Bowling" I like it.. I like it very much!
As long as we use politicians too *blink*
The_Englishman_Abroad, Oct 09 2001

       ...but watch out for the cartray!
beauxeault, Oct 10 2001

       It's a related idea that's fully baked. I can recommend it highly: http://www.urbaniditarod.com/.
white, Aug 21 2003


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