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Mechanised Snowman Melee

More Fun than Bluetooth.....
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Well Nokia have gone Bananas with N-Gage, and Christmas is coming,
Now instead of standing 10 metres away from somebody playing appalling video games, I would like to see a melee in High Streets at lunchtime, involving motorised snowmen.
The Concept is simple, a Johnny-five esque skeleton, which one would pack the snow around in an artistic, and possibly avatar-like brutal manner, resulting in a snowman with whom you could duel other like-minded individuals on lunchbreak.
Weapons are allowed, but must fit with the artistic license of your Mechanised Snowman of Doom.

The Office Worker Snowman wielding a water tower is acceptable, a Choir Boy snowman wielding a Barrel of Guinness is not!

Rules I hear you cry? why....
snowmen are disqualified if
a) Their Heads come off.
b) They are knocked to the floor, and
c) if it goes a minute without striking a blow. (amended)
Of Course, in an ideal world the television and Billboard advertising would be left to appropriate "Calvin and Hobbes" Cartoons.
Clearly, Mechanised Snowman Melee Hight-Street-Chain Wars, is just a step away with Craig Charles and Phillipa Forrester coming to a high street near you offering such jousts as Boots the Chemists Vs HMV (or alternatively Maceys Vs Wal Mart, the Tag Team epic)
I'm a simple man, Mayhem, Snow, and Robots, in that order!
The_Englishman_Abroad, Dec 10 2003

for TEA http://www.naked-i.com/flash/winter/
[po, Oct 05 2004]

Wheeeee! Thanks Po! Great Site. http://www.naked-i..../index.html?ID=3626
I call him Frosty. [gnomethang, Oct 05 2004]


       Well done. Long time, no see.
phoenix, Dec 11 2003

       what phoe said!
po, Dec 11 2003

       Thank you both :-)
I cant stay away from this place for too long, and now that most other parts of my life have quieted down it leaves more time for baking, which is never ever wrong!
Thanks for the link po, alas my company firewal prevents such jollity claiming it has adult explicit content, so I shall have to wait until knocking off time to
<Said with a due sense of expectancy and dread> enjoy whatever you have left for me! </Said with a due sense of expectancy and Dread>
The_Englishman_Abroad, Dec 11 2003

       What po said phoe said.

I can see problems with rule c) though. How do you measure loss of surface area on a snowman? I suggest that you replace that rule with c) if it goes a minute without striking a blow. My money's on the entry from BOC armed with a welding torch.
DrBob, Dec 11 2003

       Dr. Bob, I like your rule C Best and have amended as appropriate ;-). however I disagree about the BOC Entrant,
I feel that The Laura Ashley Mecha-Snowman armed with Wooden Valence Rail could clearly batter this tawdry infidel before he got anywhere near Mecha-Laura, now I am sure another entrant could beat down Mecha-Laura...
but who.......?
The_Englishman_Abroad, Dec 11 2003

       I do hope you are not disappointed by a link containing the words naked, flash and winter!
po, Dec 11 2003

       + just for the image of malfunctioning snowman running amock throughout the city. Only to have the city be saved by the misunderstood snowcone vender.
thelambs, Dec 11 2003

       Is armouring allowed? A good water spray would make the snowman a lot tougher.
GenYus, Dec 11 2003

       hey gnome, Val's was hot!
po, Dec 11 2003

       Robot wars + winter fun. What's not to like?
RayfordSteele, Dec 11 2003

       A croissant for the Calvin and Hobbes advertising alone. I nearly took it away again for mentioning Craig Charles, but fortunately Philippa Forrester cancels him out; leaving an overall score of +1.
English Bob, Dec 12 2003

       now is that nice? from a man with a strong scouse accent..
po, Dec 12 2003

       The scouse accent is not the problem here.
English Bob, Dec 12 2003

       Perhaps it's his Poetry?
The_Englishman_Abroad, Dec 12 2003


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