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Mostly sane.

For several years I have been approaching sixty and am still doing so but now it's from the wrong direction.

Unreconstructed prog-rocker and proud of it. (Yes, Renaissance, Genesis before Peter Gabriel left, Camel, ELP, Rush, Magenta.)

1 cat mad in real life, but generally reckoned to be 7 or more (apart from the smell).

I am an expert on nothing at all, but in case of desperation it may be worth trying me for advice on:
Church bell-ringing,
British rock music (1964 - 1974 ish),
Stationary steam engines (not locomotives)
The county of Cornwall.

angelthebaker (at) [a well-known high-temperature mail provider] (dot) com, in case anyone wishes to harangue me privately.

[Apr 22 2001, last modified Nov 24 2022]
(+3, -4) 1/10 scale building materials
(+20, -5)(+20, -5) Bake on, you crazy 'bakers
(+14, -5)(+14, -5) BlenderStraw
(+14, -1)(+14, -1) Cc without attachments
(+10, -8) Coffee-machine-powered coffee-grinder
(+8)(+8) Contact lens orientation indicator
(+8, -6) 'Cooking smells' incense sticks
(+29, -5)(+29, -5)(+29, -5) Copy while typing
(+23, -1)(+23, -1)(+23, -1) Find my sandwich partner
(+5, -7) Handbag skins
(+8, -7) ICML
(+4, -3) Jigsaw with variable height sole plate
(+2) Mute-ation
(+3, -2) Object-Oriented Search Engine
 Retractable fingernails
(+3) Snappy Families
(+11)(+11) Stirling engine powered hurdy-gurdy
(+48, -7)(+48, -7)(+48, -7) "The Piper"
(+13, -7) TPPCPPC.com
(+5, -3) Warning light acknowledgement

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