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'Cooking smells' incense sticks

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Available in "Baking bread", "Brewing coffee", "Frying bacon", and "Mom's Apple Pie".
(Please note that this is not a request for a list.)
angel, Jan 24 2005

A bit similar... Burger_20King_20Incense
...but not too much, methinks. [angel, Jan 24 2005]

Chocolate chip cookies even... http://www.yankeeca...shopBy=Alphabetical
Now lets get someone to work on the insence approach! [blissmiss, Jan 24 2005]


       I think these would end up more like "burnt bacon" and "burnt apple pie", but that's still much better than burnt perfume.
tiromancer, Jan 24 2005

       great when showing prospective buyers around your property.
po, Jan 24 2005

       They could change scent as they burn down. An entire meal's worth of changing cooking smells presented either serially or intertwined.   

       Make sure one of the offerings is "popcorn."
bristolz, Jan 24 2005

       Yankee Candle carries every imaginable scent in the form of candles, sachets, etc. Should be easy enough to adapt into incense sticks. (I am a twice nighlty insence burner, and have found the cinnamon, vanilla, lemon ones, well not so good. I far prefer the more exotic. I even converse with an insence maker in India, regularly, to get the latest. He sends me samples, and the best part is the packaging. He wraps them in tons of Indian newspaper, and colorful ohter stuffing. )
blissmiss, Jan 24 2005

       'Leather' smells pretty good when lit in the kitchen.
reensure, Jan 25 2005

       Real estate trick: When selling a house, put a cookie sheet sprinkled with cinnamon in the oven, set on low, when prospective buyers come to view the house. Could anything smell more homey and inviting?   

       I'm not sure of the point of this incense? If you want to smell up the house with bacon, make bacon. For a coffee smell, make coffee. Neither is difficult.   

       OTOH, making a cassoulet is a total pain in the butt, and cassoulet-scented incense might be a good a idea if you wanted to smell cassoulet without actually having to make it. I have never been in that condition, but YMMV.
slithytove, Jan 25 2005


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