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Warning light acknowledgement

"Yes, I know. Now go away."
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Like most cars, mine has a low-fuel warning light, and to be visible in daylight, it must be fairly bright. Also like most, it has a significant safety factor; when the light comes on, I have a couple of gallons - fifty or sixty miles - remaining. The result is that when I drove to Cornwall last week I made the whole journey (450 miles) on a tank-full, and the warning light came on pretty much as I arrived. I intended to re-fuel the following day at the cheap station outside Falmouth, so I had to drive out to dinner that evening, on unlit country roads, with the warning light blazing, which I find rather distracting.

I propose a little button which will cancel the warning light, but will reset when the light comes on again (ie, next time the ignition is switched on).
angel, Nov 30 2005


       I would definitely use this. And then, I would definitely run out of petrol. Probably in the middle of some Cornish B-road. However, putting blind faith in the fact that others would be able to use this more responsibly than me... bun.
Fishrat, Nov 30 2005

       Even worse is when it's a beeping warning light. Which won't stop. +
phundug, Nov 30 2005

       It could be like a snooze button and come on in 10 Gallon intervals or something.   

stestagg, Dec 01 2005

       I would LOVE one of these in my car, to get rid of the intensely irritating orange light which warns me that my screen wash is low, when in fact it's just under half-full... definitely bun-worthy!
kmlabs, Dec 01 2005

       As [kmlabs] indicates, the level at which the low-fuel indicator comes on is infuriatingly cautious on most cars. Mine comes on when I have 50 miles of fuel left (It has a computer thingy that computes the remaining range). It is so conservative that I spend a lot of time driving around with the light on, and sometimes forget to fill up. I really need it to come on when fuel is urgent and I need to stop at the next station (<20 miles range).   

       It would be good if you could set this level yourself via a dial on the dashboard. You could set it at 50 miles, and then when it came on, turn it down to remind you again when you have <20 miles left.   

       <edit> I just realised that [kmlabs] was talking about screenwash, but the point still stands </edit>
Minimal, Dec 01 2005

       Screenwash alert lights -- a wonderful example of technology gone mad. I once had a call from my neighbor over concern with "this engine check light"; as it turned out, the screenwash was low and there was what I can only describe as a lighted 'flowerpot' on the dash row. That day off from work and tow to the shop resolved with $ 0.25 worth of wiper fluid.   

       Had there been a bell associated with the idiot light, I'd have been inclined to remove certain dashboard components as a courtesy.
reensure, Dec 01 2005

       I had a rented VW passat a while ago and the warning light came on with an audible "ding!" then the light faded slightly, then about 30miles later it made another ding and the light got bright again. That seemed to work ok.
bs0u0155, Oct 18 2006


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