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Handbag skins

Save time and space with modular handbags
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I've noticed that a substantial part of the time spent waiting for the female of the species to 'get ready' for an evening out involves the selection of a handbag to match the ensemble and the transfer of a subset of the daytime handbag contents to the (smaller) evening handbag. The following morning, of course, these same contents must be moved again into that day's daytime handbag, and the process repeated in the evening.
Two simple innovations would eliminate this time-wasting exercise.
First, modular handbags. Start with, say, five standard sizes, so 1 is the ultra-minimalist 'knickers and cab-fare' size, size 2 is house keys, cell phone, and purse, size 3 adds tissues, make-up and vomit-bag, and so on up the the 'kitchen sink' model. Each module can be attached to the others with Velcro (TM), so for a size 4 occasion you simply attach the 4, 3, 2, and 1 modules together. This would eliminate all of the fiddly transferring of stuff from one bag to another.
The resulting bag modules can then be decorated to suit the ensemble by attaching the appropriate 'skin', which would be available in each of the standard sizes, and in whatever colours are deemed to be fashionable this season. A full range of handbags can thus be simulated just by having five sizes of 'skin', in each of say five colours, and the basic five modules, a huge saving.
(Note for USians: handbag = purse, purse = coin-purse)
angel, May 15 2001

(?) The innovative Inpaq http://www.initialideas.co.uk/
' Feel like a change of style? Need to change your handbag to match your outfit? This amazing new concept lets you move your most important things from bag to bag in seconds. ' [angel, May 15 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Why not carry the "evening" bag inside the "daytime" bag with the essential stuff in the smaller bag. Then, when you're in a situation where you don't want to be lugging a huge weight around you take out the smaller bag, drop the larger one and continue. On the scale above my girfriend usually has a size two (cellphone, cash, essential medication, keys) inside a size 4 (books, tissues and all kinds of other stuff).

Keeping the essential stuff in the smaller bag makes them easier to find in a hurry.

The instant redecoration bit is a good idea.
sirrobin, May 15 2001

       I waaaaaaannnnnnnttttt one! Great idea. Make me one Angel P-L-E-A-S-E!!!!
Disco C, May 15 2001

       [sirrobin]: The original idea was as you describe, but I reasoned that a situation might arise where the size 1 and size 3 (but not size 2) were needed. If one were to fit inside the other, there would be wasted space.
angel, May 15 2001

       Fine as far as it goes, [PeterSealy], but there are those whose wife/girlfriend/spousal analogue seems to require different *sized* bags, as well as different coloured ones. I speak as one who knows.
angel, May 15 2001

       Oh, man, gimme one of those!!!! Excellent idea! That one earns a BAKER'S DOZEN croissants
Sparki, Sep 05 2001

       Excellent idea. I am a purseaholic & always going through handbag indecision & discontent.
bluerowan, Sep 16 2001

       Some rotten, miserable b#####d's partly-baked my handbag skins!
angel, Oct 01 2001


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