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My ideas will revolutionise everybody's way of life, re-define the meaning of humanity and make me a millionaire. In the exteremely unlikely event that they don't, I could just carry on being quite unexceptional.

[Oct 12 2007, last modified Jun 07 2015]
(-1) Archers Bad
 Better solution to Brexit
(+1) Grousimator
(+2, -1) Large Solid state dot matrix rewritable display
 Multi choice test
 One time account code
(+6) Pea capable vacuum cleaner
(+2) Prang Prevention Patterns
(+1) Rhapsody on the theme from Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)
(+3, -2) Shu-stix
(+2) Singularity Orrery
(+8, -2) String pump
 Stupid accidental Caps Lock likelihood reduction
(+10)(+10) UV dye dog food
(+6) Vacuum mouse trap
(+2) Washing machine 2.0

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