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Archers Bad

Refreshing plot line reset to ouir long-lived national treasure radio program
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David Archer has bad news about his health. It's terminal, and he hasn't got private health insurance. He contacts Edward Grundy and suggests that his knowledge of the Borsetshire underground could help if he, Edward could ship his product ('ket') via the Borsetshire Mafia into the Borchester & Felpisham drug supply network.

David and Edward start cooking top grade ket in the barn at Brookside Farm. It's not long before David has to launder his money with the help of a layering scheme organised by Professor Jim Lloyd who invests in Helen's Cheese and Alice Carter Robots Ltd.

Shula finds out about the scam but daren't go to (now) sergeant Harrison Burns for fear of shame and disgrace within the village, the St Stephen's church congregation and the village shop. Sergeant Burns narrowly fails to uncover the links between David and the local dealers he happens to be hunting down.

Meanwhile Justin Elliott finds out about David and Edwards' little enterprise when Edward, who has reverted to becoming a user, lets sllip about the network when he is overheard in the Bull. Justin sends round his heavies to eliminate David. However Willliam Grundy picks up the situation and when the goons arrive he is in waiting, picks off the baddies with his shotgun and disposes of the bodies in Brian Aldridge's massive silage clamp.

bhumphrys, Aug 18 2019


       I think they already did this on Emmerdale, but with more lesbians and a terrorist attack.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 18 2019

       // when the goons arrive //   

       We would like to suggest [MB] for the rôle of Hercules Grytpipe-Thynne, and [xenzag] as Minnie Bannister.   

       We would like to read for the part of Major Dennis Blooknok.
8th of 7, Aug 18 2019


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