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Singularity Orrery

Contours in space
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This is a wire frame model 3D-printed or made from matchsticks. At the centre is a small solid sphere coloured matt black to represent the event horizon of the singularity. The wires are of two types: equi-spaced straight lines radiate from the event horizon perpendicular to its surface in the direction of the pull of gravity, and spherical Buckminster-Fuller geodesic shells surround and are concentric with the event horizon.

In a manner analogous to the way in which a line contour on a two dimensional map joins and indicates those positions on the map where the variable plotted has a certain specific value, the shells represent the surfaces in space where spacetime has a certain value of curvature. The radius of the shells increases in such a manner that the spacetime curvature decreases by a defined amount between shells. The radiating straight lines intersect with the geodesic spheres at suitable vertices to fix the spheres in their places.

The inner shells and the inner segments of the radiating lines would be painted red graduating via the other spectral colours to the outer blue, to depict the red shift experienced closer to the event horizon.

Calculating the actual model geodesic shell radii is completely beyond my abilities, sorry.

bhumphrys, Oct 02 2014

Schwarzschild radius http://en.wikipedia...chwarzschild_radius
Beware the Jabberwock, my son ... [8th of 7, Oct 02 2014]

Schwarzschild_20radius_20warning_20labels [calum, Oct 03 2014]


       It's not an orrery if it doesn't have rotating spikes supporting models of orbiting bodies. But it is a very cool idea of a wireframe model so [+]
pocmloc, Oct 02 2014

       //Singularity Orrery//   

       How singularity is it? And indeed how orrery?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 02 2014

       The "orrery" part could be the equatorial accretion disc.   

       Quasar emission from the rotational axis would be excellent.   

       Given the fearsome gradients imposed by the Schwartzschild radius, physical scaling to maintain authenticity may be problematic. Thou shouldft applye thyfelfe untoe thie Hofue of Profeffor Steffen Hawking, whereat 'tis faid thatt knolledge of fuch thingies mae by hadde.
8th of 7, Oct 02 2014

       Thanks [pocmloc], I know and there is also another problem; an orrerey represents the solar system, not a black hole. I should have put it in a less trendy category with a more mundane title. but I am glad you like the concept.
bhumphrys, Oct 02 2014

       //Hofue// Prefumably where he feaftf on tofu, unleff it'f eaten firft by a mofue.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 02 2014

       ... and then after he died, the dealers added four zeroes to the prices overnight ....
8th of 7, Oct 02 2014



       // an orrerey represents the solar system, not a black hole   

       Well, surely a black hole was a sun, and who's to say that there isn't somewhere in the universe a black hole being orbited by other teeny black holes?
not_morrison_rm, Oct 02 2014

       //unleff// sp. unlefs   

       Come on MB, you of all people should know the rules of when to and when not to use a long s.
pocmloc, Oct 03 2014


       Could 'iso-spacetime-curvature surfaces' therefore be used to depict the spacetime field a associated with a pair of orbiting black holes as MB suggests? The second black hole would distort the geodesic frames surrounding the first black hole in a certain way.   

       Could such a 3D printed model framework perhaps also be used to visualize electric fields around charged objects, where the radiating lines depict the direction of the maximum voltage gradient and the 'Onion layers' depict voltage? Imagine for example a figure of a person arms aloft and legs akimbo with a tracery of lines radiating and encircling the mannequin?
bhumphrys, Oct 03 2014

       Sounds fair enough, can you tune it to 432hz though please?
Zeuxis, Oct 03 2014


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