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NY State USA thinktanker.

[Mar 01 2002]
(-8)(-8) 0.5 Bakery Icons
(+4, -3) Childproof Rx Bottles that we can actually open!
(-3) Clean-smelling trash pickup
(+4, -12)(+4, -12) DWUIA Detector
(+2, -3) Golden Gate Clothesline
(+11, -1)(+11, -1) GooglePix search
(+6, -2) Keep-out pool cover
(+1, -3) More accurate weather forecast
(+1, -2) No-scoop cat litter box
(+1, -3) No snowbank driveways
(+2, -1) PC backups in the box
(+2, -4) smoking and nonsmoking pubs
(+4) Sunny Day Off

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