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Golden Gate Clothesline

Two Tall Towers Keep Laundry Line Level
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Imagine the grace and beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge of California, USA - in your own back yard.

With a suspension-bridge type laundry line, the ropes always stays even and taut - even if you hang the laundry on just one end or just one side. No more sagging or tilted ropes.

Just set your laundry tees about twice as high as normal, then make that famous San Fransico curvature in the overhead ropes between the poles, then connect those ropes to the perfectly level laundry lines below - with Golden Gate-style pieces of nylon rope.

A little creek underneath will definitely add to the concept.

blainez, Mar 05 2002

For an extra-taut clothesline... http://www.geocitie...wo/Versatackle.html
Make your own high-tension clothesline. [lumpy, Mar 05 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Not in my neighborhood, thanks. Although I am sure it would work,
rbl, Mar 05 2002


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