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Clean-smelling trash pickup

Ever hate the smell of your weekly trash pickup truck?
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Your trash service arrives, usually at 6AM, only to rev-v the engine at ear-shattering volume to compact the garbage you placed at the curb. It leaves behind, in front of your house, the putrid stench of someone else's garbage, as the liquids ooze from the truck onto your street and driveway as they run the compactor.

Why not place a catch pan under the trash trucks, and then deliver all this effluent, at the end of the day, to the street and driveway of the Trash Manager.

blainez, Mar 04 2002


       Hey blainez, I don't know where your house is located, but the laws that regulate garbage collection vehicles in most states require rubber seals between the truck body and the compaction unit. In fact, if garbage trucks leak, there is in most cases a heavy fine placed against the solid waste hauler.
lgvinci, Apr 17 2003

       I'd be surprised if blainez is still here, so I guess it's pointless to ask how this pan doesn't get flattened by the garbage truck.
snarfyguy, Apr 17 2003

       Simply equip all garbage trucks with a bin on the side filled with NaHCO3 to be shovelled over any spills and Viola! the sweet smell of success! (That's baking soda, son)
Canuck, Apr 18 2003


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