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smoking and nonsmoking pubs

To each their own
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Nonsmokers sit downstairs; smokers sit upstairs. Smoke rises so the ones downstairs can't complain.
blainez, Mar 05 2002

J D Wetherspoon http://www.jdwether.../pages/body01e.html
Most Wetherspoon pubs have non-smoking areas. So not an original idea. [pottedstu, Mar 05 2002]


       <memory floods back>Phone call on a Sunday afternoon to book table at restaurant for group of 10-15 people of varying smoker status.
Cafe Rouge waiter with affectation French accent: 'Allo?
Jane: Oh, hello, I'd like to have a birthday dinner this evening at Cafe Rouge and I'm wondering if I need to book a table or if we could just turn up? Do you get busy on Sundays?
CRW: Urhh, Ei weel jeust see... 'ow menny persons will you be?
J: oh, let me see, I think there will be up to 15 of us.
CRW: And er yoo smmoking or nonn-smmoking?
J: Well, some do, and some don't - is that a problem?
CRW: 'Ang on a minoot, I weel just esk mey mennagere if we 'ev an errea for ze Smmokers And ze Nonn-Smmokers...
PAUSE... me and friend are cracking up but trying not to sound like giggly schoolgirls. Which we really weren't, at the time.
Cafe Rouge Mennagere also with suspicious accent: 'Allo? 'allo? I underrstand you rrequire a table for ze Smmokers AND ze Nonn-Smmokers?
J: (desperately trying to think of ways to make this easier for him) Not really, I think that the non-smokers wouldn't mind just sitting near the edge of the smoking area - I just wanted to see if you'd have space for 15 of us 'on spec' as it were.
CRM: urrhhh, I do not 'ave an area in zis restaurant for the on spec perrsonnes...
J: no no, I meant, oh never mind.
CRM: So weel you be wishing the table?
J: (barely repressed screams of laughter in background) yes, we will, and it's ok for people to smoke in your restaurant, is it?
CRM: Mais Oui, of course.
J: Ok then, 15 people at about 8 o'clock?
CRM: Zet weel be fine.
LATER... Group arrives at restuarant to find there is no non-smoking area at all. Puzzlement turns to hilarity and the night continues being some kind of French cafe Farce. A good time had by all. And none of us have respiratory problems yet.
sappho, Mar 05 2002

mcscotland, Mar 05 2002

       I'll half agree with you. How about only non-smoking pubs? Which are baked in California, and I'm sure, other places.   

       blainez, are you not seeing the notes being left to you about placing your ideas in proper categories and not just dumping them into other:general? Or are you just choosing to disregard them?
waugsqueke, Mar 05 2002

       Its the law.
reensure, Mar 05 2002


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