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General in the Peruvian army, Brewmaster has been involved in around 23 covert military operations around the world. His combat experience has combined excellently with a strict regiment of psychotropic drug use to allow Brewmaster's mind to work in new and different ways which the general public cannot even fathom at this time in their development.

[Mar 05 2002, last modified Mar 07 2002]
(+5, -1) Alco-Shakes
(+12, -9) Annual Pro-Capitalism March
(+5, -2) Breathing Lessons
 Canine Friendly "Horn"
(+2, -3) Cash Concealer
(+11)(+11) DVT Dancemaster
(+8)(+8) Film Karaoke
(+8, -2) Gamer's Commentary
(+5, -2) Mobile Phone Theft Protector
 Shock Plugs
(+7, -1) XXX Radio

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