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DVT Dancemaster

Dance-based DVT prevention
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Using similar technology to the dance-mats available for use with Playstation games, simple software could be combined with music to create a lower body workout which would be fun to use, and negate the possibility of blood clots in the legs and feet. Passengers could also compete against each other and win fabulous prizes from the steward's trolley, or discounts of some variety.
brewmaster, Mar 05 2002


       could be dangerous for shoe-bombers
notripe, Mar 05 2002

       … nuts. Croissant.
reensure, Mar 05 2002

       There's actually a category for deep vein thrombosis?
lumpy, Mar 05 2002

       <MyBestNewJerseyAccent> Yo. I got yer lower body workout right here. </MyBestNewJerseyAccent>
phoenix, Mar 05 2002

       choreographed flirtation by footsie. I like it.
sappho, Mar 06 2002

       I like it brewmaster. I shall have to swap my Man Utd Support tights for an all in one, latin american style spangly sequined support body stocking....aya carumba!
goff, Mar 07 2002


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