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Cash Concealer

Keep the muggers guessing.
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Cashpoints (ATMs) should dispense money in small envelopes, regardless of the amount withdrawn so that any potential muggers are unable to see how much cash you have taken out, should they be watching you. I have heard many a tale of people drawing wads of cash out of the bank only to be mugged by some undesirable type who saw them use the machine.

Printing receipts, mini-statements or balances on this envelope when requested by the customer would also be a good idea. I'm sure advertising could rear it's ugly head as well.

brewmaster, May 02 2002


       Seems like a waste of paper. If you feel uncomfortable at the ATM, move on, or get a concealed handgun permit (US only).
dag, May 02 2002

       I think this would only encourage those miscreants who are wont to rob ATM users. With no way to tell, they'd have to go after everyone, instead of only those who withdraw a large bundle of bills.
waugsqueke, May 02 2002

       Well, then, of course, the ATM would dispense two envelopes, one is a decoy.
bristolz, May 02 2002

       Most (but not all) of the ATMs in my city are drive up -- you never get out of your car to use the ATM. If someone should try to mug you just duck, cover, and hit the accelerator. If you're lucky, you might even get 500 points in auto-polo.
mwburden, May 02 2002

       What a cracking idea (drive through ATM) why haven't they done that in England? I remember within 3 days of passing my driving test, I got 3 points for parking next to a cashpoint.
brewmaster, May 03 2002


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