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ian_w2003 "a t" yahoo.co.uk

*Yawns, stretches* Morning everyone, what's been going on?

Joint favourite annos of all time (so far):

Lewisgirl on "Croissant-patterned knickers"

Scenario 1. I am travelling on the Northern Line and a man sits down in front of me. My pants explode. I look across, I see the tell-tale 1/2bakery signs (which I have cunningly disguised in my own appearance)... unshaven, google-eyed (a bit like goggle-eyed but permanently affected by the craving to write BAKED!), twitchy fingers, a bag full of gadgets (not all of which make any attempt at time saving, most of which are clockwork)... I know this is hippo, but I say nothing. We pass like ships in the night. Scenario 2. I am travelling on the Northern Line and a man sits down in front of me. I am wearing my halfbakery t-shirt. So is he. I don't like the look of him. I try to fold my arms, hold my bag in front of me, I hide my face, read a newspaper... all to no avail; he leans across... "Excuse me, they couldn't have been avoiding looking at her t-shirt. Would they have been knowing her from somewhere?" Ah! saved by an in-joke! "I don't know what you're talking about. I have a brother named Vernon, if that's any help?"

Blissmiss on "RIP Sparky" (sadly lost along with its eponym)

"Dr. I need to see you today, I need an asthma inhaler, no, no.. I'm fine, it's for my fish?"

And a special mention to Po for making me almost fall off my seat with this one from "Bathroom Sameness" by shazam (in which it was proposed that gents and ladies loos' relative positions be standardized):

"Suggest you name this Bog Standard."

[Sep 27 2002, last modified Sep 24 2010]

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