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Tabletop Bocce

Develop your precision shots.
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The invention comprises a couple of green baize-covered bumpers and a set of bocce rules.

The bumpers are laid on a pool, billiards, or snooker table to convert the bed to the proportions of a bocce court (5:1 or thereabouts). A set of guidelines for bocce play is included.

The cue ball is rolled by hand to act as the pallino. One team uses the red balls and one the coloured (or spots v. stripes for billiards). Instead of throwing the balls, though, they have to be cued from the 'D'.

For the DIY enthusiast, this could be easily baked with 1/2" PVC water pipe covered in pipe insulation.

For the entrepreneurial, a collapsible set in a presentation gift box could be marketed in time for next Christholimercialtide.

egbert, Dec 26 2007

Bocce rules http://www.bocceballrules.net/
More fun than it sounds. Or am I just getting old? [egbert, Dec 26 2007]

Derived from Bowling_20billiards
[egbert, Dec 26 2007]


       That would be enough to make your hair curl.
egbert, Dec 26 2007


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