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Electronic moccasins
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“Never criticise a man until you’ve walked a mile in his moccasins” runs the old saw. “That way he’ll be a mile away and barefoot” adds Scott Adams.

The world is reeling today from the announcement of a black box for people. The device records vital signs in a handy, non-invasive unit that can be strapped to the body (see link). Data is downloaded to teams of doctors who sit around the Bat-surgery waiting for the signal to leap into action. Or something.

Surely it’s only a small step to be able to replay the signals? Being able to experience the physical reactions of others under certain conditions could be a wonderful tool for spreading understanding and combating prejudice. No longer would journalists ask “So, how does it feel…?” since their mandatory Diversity Training (Empathy 101) would have replayed exactly the emotional and physical distress associated with the loss of a loved one. Genuine asylum seeker? Listen, man, just experience this download and you’ll have some idea of what I’ve been through. Spouse working late again? Download your frustration on them, and experience second-hand the conflicts caused by their warring responsibilities.

Of course, being a scientific advance, there’s a downside. Have you any idea how it feels to have your great invention hijacked by the porn industry?

egbert, Apr 08 2004

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       I would hope this device would work on children too young to describe discomfort / anxiety / grief. It would save the parent many questions about how their child felt. Maybe that's a primary market for you.   

       As for having your invention hijacked--I feel your pain.
RooneDitoff, Apr 08 2004

       Um, we've done this one half a dozen times before. And it usually gets shot down as magic technology.   

       "Surely it’s only a small step to be able to replay the signals?" - I think not - you're only capturing a limited number of external measures. You can't recreate what a computer is doing merely by feeding the video output back into it, and you can't recreate what a person is feeling merely by replaying heartbeat, blood oxygen levels, and so on.
DrCurry, Apr 08 2004

       I'm still reeling.
Worldgineer, Apr 08 2004


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