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Alright, I need to expel these evil thoughts from my head - hoepfully some of it may be of use to someone.

I'm a half Asian half Hispanic male- a student, once again...studying to become an engineer. I just woke up one day after reading about my past life, when I was a Russian engineer who built a bridge connecting two cities. However the bridge collapsed killing all the people who were crossing it, the day after it was put up. The architect was distraught and began to have a series of nervous breakdowns; she eventually commited suicide. She then reincarnated into me, and is trying to reaccomplish her dream to make a safe a sturdy bridge by forcing me to educate my mind to become an engineer and rebuild that bridge back in Russia connecting those two cities, which I believe are nonexistant at the moment.

Although I believe this is pointless, because I'm not Russian, nor do I plan to go to Russia anytime soon, I may as well follow in the footsteps of my destiny and hope that I will not have a series of nervous breakdown and ultimately commit hanakiri.

Otherwise, I'm stuck at this job that sucks really bad ( you know I thought only industrial vacuum cleaners sucked this bad) and I'm getting paid peanuts as well. But at least I'm educating myself to become a better person in some fashion.

[Aug 11 2001]

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