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The Reusable Condom.
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Ever been in that situation where you were ready for another 'go' but were stopped in your tracks because you didn't have another rubber? Here's an idea that will help those that have the urge for a second turn, but lack the protection: The Reusable Condom.

These condoms are made from the same latex as what can be found in the space suits which are currently used by NASA to help the astronauts insulate their body heat while they're on an extended space walk. Sounds rough? Well, with a tube of lubricants, you can make anything feel naturally good.

Here's how it works. As soon as your done doing the deed. Flip the condom inside out and use it again. Worry not about those little demon seeds captured at the tip of the rubber. Just apply a small dab of spermicide at the tip, and you are ready to go.

The Reusable Condom is dishwasher safe and recycleable.

esp3r, Aug 12 2001

Sheepgut Condom Recipe, ca 1824 http://homepages.pr...esleyah/condoms.htm
Soak in water before use to make supple. [jutta, Aug 12 2001]


       This sounds pleasant and safe. Why not just buy a three-pack (or whatever you feel you'll need).
protean, Aug 12 2001

sdm, Aug 12 2001


       Also historically baked - condoms used to be too precious to only use once.   

       But this would make a number puzzle work I once heard. In the generalized form, consider N mathematicians that each want to have sex exactly once with all the other N-1 mathematicians. What is the minimum number of super-strong condoms needed to make sure no bodily fluids are exchanged?   

       (For this to be interesting at all, assume that condoms have two sides that don't touch each other, can be worn on top of each other, and don't ever tear.)   

       One quick upper bound is N - if each mathematician holds on to one condom, they can stick those into each other without getting any fluid onto the side of the condom that touches the other mathematician's condom. But one can do better than that.   

       This must have been originally presented in a more family friendly form (surgeons and rubber gloves, maybe?), but it sure is easier to remember this way.
jutta, Aug 13 2001

       Heh. Yes, I've heard that puzzle in the surgeons-and-rubber-gloves form somewhere else...
wiml, Aug 13 2001

       <decides not to post 'How do you reuse a condom' joke...>
StarChaser, Aug 14 2001

       <decides not to beg StarChaser to post the joke anyway...>
beauxeault, Aug 14 2001


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