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Blowback in a can
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Here's an idea that is sure to catch the eyes of many. As many users are aware, marijuanna, pot, hannibus, Mary Jane or whatever else it's called, is illegal here in the United States.

So why not have a by product of marijuanna canned and sold to the public. It's just as phenominal as bottled water. There is no law restricting the use of a byproduct created by an illegal drug. I mean, Coca Cola uses extracts from cocaine. And for 65 cents a pop, who wouldn't want a try?

We can always get endorsements from the makers of Cornnuts or Pringles.

esp3r, Aug 12 2001

Coca Cola - does it contain cocaine or not? http://home.kc.rr.c...acola/questions.htm
"Since 1903, Coca Cola has gone through great trouble to remove the cocaine from its coca leaves. The current 'decocanization' of coca leaves cannot remove all cocaine. However, the amount of cocaine in Coca-cola is so incredibly minute that it cannot be easily measured, and for all practical purposes, modern Coca-Cola is cocaine-free." [jutta, Aug 12 2001]


       [zippy], did you really expect them to? He's obviously in the "testing" phase of this idea.
Susen, Aug 12 2001

       [admin: fixed spelling of idea name, as usual.]
I think this one is worse than the others.
jutta, Aug 13 2001

       lets call it Bong Water! Mmmm....
C Monkey, Feb 05 2002


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