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Laptop Protection

The Laptop Computer Sheet
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With all of these reports about how you can get a brain tumor from using cell phones, xray machines, and any other devices that emit radio waves. Here's an idea for laptop computer users which may prevent sterility or cancer of the genitalia/uterus.

It's a flexible mat made of lead and plastic which the user will place over their lap when they use their portable computer on their lap. It will protect your genitalia from these harmful radio waves which may cause the same cancer that induces sterility and in some cases death.

esp3r, Aug 12 2001

Lapshield shields radiation and heat that may harm your body http://www.winstont...om/Q14BlueDemo.html
[Sunstone, Oct 26 2009]


       Lead isn't particularly effective at stopping microwaves (the stuff that comes out of laptops); a copper sheet would work better.   

       Of course, there are all the plasticizers and random chemicals involved in making the laptop, which might be messing with your hormone balance and so forth. Not that laptops are any worse in this regard than, say, a new car.
wiml, Aug 13 2001

       Rods, just being near a warm object will bathe you in a wide spectrum of uncontrollable and constant radio emission. Blackbody radiation, don't'cha know.   

       I should say that I doubt laptops have any real harmful radiations. Cell phones, perhaps: your head, next to a cell phone antenna, does pick up more energy from that antenna than from all other radio sources combined; I don't know of any strong evidence of health effects, but I'm cautious anyway. Old CRTs, yes, some of those were bad for you.
wiml, Aug 14 2001

       Hmmm... interesting... i didn't think that any computer component had anything to do with any type of radiation or etc... but if the laptops have 'em should i worry about my desktop computer? and what is this that i hear that using your cell phone around a computer has the potential to damage the computer in someway?
mono, Oct 24 2002

       CAN ANY ONE TELL ME WHERE I CAN BUY THET PROTECTIVE LEAD MAT FOR LAPTOPS? READ MSG AUGUST 12 2001. Thanks. I was searching the net for this exact reason. ("cancer protection from laptops" typed on yahoo). When I spend over two hours using my laptop or that of my job I get chest aches. Sometimes they can become quite severe. I remember when I was doing an essay which took me all night long I was hurting tromendously inbetween my chest and belly. Exactly where my laptop was placed on the table where I was working. Someone could say that I should sit properly and stuff but that is not the reason - when I work on a normal computer or when I cover my laptop with e.g. a couple of magazines, I do not experience such effects. I think it is a matter of the sensitivity of each body. For instance I can talk on my mobile for hours without feeling anything while a friend of mine has problems with each side of his head he attaches his phone to. If he talks for over 10 mins on one ear it annoys him to reuse his phone from that ear for a second phone call. Others felt strangely near a ship's radar, others did not. I am sure though that antenna's for mobile phones do a lot of harm. And lets not have that reasoning "there are so many transmissions, who cares for another one.."
oranjeboom, Jan 30 2004

       wiml said : Lead isn't particularly effective at stopping microwaves (the stuff that comes out of laptops); a copper sheet would work better. If the laptop really makes you sick and you suspect EM radiation, try blocking it with some aluminum foil. Cover part of the laptop or make an apron or something
vmaldia, Jul 23 2006

       A thin copper plate could be added to the bottom of the laptop by the factory to comfort those concerned with this radiation problem. But then again, if the manufacturer installed this shield, it would be an admission that that the microwaves emitted by the laptop were really a danger. Cue the lawsuits. Suggested by K Cunningham.
Sunstone, Oct 26 2009


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