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Why should I tell you anything?

OK then, I'm under 30 and have all my hair. No major scars or tattoos, all limbs still in place.

Occasional intense preoccupations vary from jigsaws to Minesweeper, scuba diving to tango.

I like cats, snakes, stingrays and caterpillars.

I enjoy churchbells, snowstorms, chocolate, and ancient ruins. And the colour orange.

PS I have not bitten anybody for decades.

[Oct 27 2001]

(+1, -2) All-weather battery charging
(+1) Big bang clock
(+6) Book photocopier
(-3) Busy hours
 Creative city lighting
(+9, -4) Custom sandwich maker
 Instant feedback
(+1, -2) PnP body parts
(+3) Shopping lockers
 Solar powered baldies
(+6, -2) Umbrella dryer
 Weather warner

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