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Creative city lighting

Creative, co-ordinated city lighting
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At night, all these tall shiny skyscrapers and other assorted office buildings stand dark and unused. Their contribution to the happiness of mankind would be greatly increased if some effort were put into creative lighting of these buildings. I am envisaging whole neighbourhoods of co-ordinated colours (a "green light district"?), patterns that arise from buildings adjacent to each other (rainbows - orange building next to red building next to violet building), striped buildings, spotted buildings, seasonal themes (red and green come to mind), etc.

Inspired by the wonderful gherkin of Lord Foster - see link.

herilane, Dec 06 2002

(?) Erotic gherkin http://www.thisislo...ce=Evening_Standard
It looks great even with just the lights, without the laser show [herilane, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Blinkenlights http://www.blinkenl...interactive.en.html
How about interactive light shows? [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

(?) Rainbow Light Towers at LAX http://www.tzap-art.com/LAX.html
It's surprising how much negative feedback this art project has generated. [jurist, Oct 04 2004]

Lighting Schedule For The Empire State Building http://www.esbnyc.c...ightingschedule.cfm
Or follow the Empire State Building and change colors with the season. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       So this has nothing to do with the word 'pride' then?
tyskland, Dec 06 2002

       Okay, changed name of idea. I was a bit surprised by how much it seemed to affect everybody.
herilane, Dec 08 2002

       //"green light district"//   

       One of my housemates from university tinted his entire room pink for six months. He claimed that the latest scientific research proved that this had a calming influence (I reckon that wasn't the main 'calming influence,' either). The only problem was that, after you'd been in there for 15 minutes, on exiting, everything was tinted green, to compensate. As the 'opposite' colour, surely this must be subconciously aggravating in much the same way as the pink was soothing? (It sure pissed me off). Would the green lights have a similar effect, creating a district full of hyde-like monsters, only reverting to rose-tinted jekylls after leaving their sinister glow?
yamahito, Dec 08 2002

       I thought it was green that was supposed to be calming, hence "institutional green" and all that.
egnor, Dec 08 2002

       'Fess up, [herilane]...You changed the name because of how little everyone seemed to be affected by the idea, and except for the addition of Curry's link, I fail to see the improvement. Actually, I wish I'd added that link. I'm herewith reclaiming the crumbs of my my croissant.
jurist, Dec 09 2002

       [jurist], I changed the name because nobody seemed to be able to read past the name and actually look at the idea itself... I guess hormones were running high.   

       It saddens me to see you retract your croissant... kind of goes back to my point though - the name seems more important to people than the idea itself.
herilane, Dec 09 2002

       for those of us who missed it, what was the original title?
yamahito, Dec 09 2002


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