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Instant feedback

Increases awareness
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A wristwatch type thingy (although probably radio-linked into some bigger machine) that shows you where you're headed in life. Records everything you do, extrapolates, and calculates the most probable effect on your life in terms of a few key variables you care about - health, wisdom, fun, chances of marrying a millionaire/millionairess, etc. Smoke a cigarette and see your life expectation curve/number drop immediately. Help an old lady cross the road, and your coolness drops. Move from Tbilisi to NY and your chances of 15 minutes of fame spikes.
herilane, Nov 24 2002


       I can see hackers running amok ruining peoples lives.   

       Oh look if I shoot heroin my coolness doubles, so does my life expectancy!
TBK, Nov 24 2002

       One of the key requirement for making this work would of course be a database of probabilities -like "What are the chances?" - millionaires are more common in LA than in Siberia, etc.   

       It would also need a database of current knowledge, like an encyclopedia, about causal relationships. Smoking damages your health. Eating provides you with calories. Too many calories make you fat. You need to meet someone in order to be able to marry them.   

       Finally, a database of tailored definitions for the more vague variables. Old ladies are defined as not cool (this would of course be input individually for you, as old gentlemen might find old ladies very cool).
herilane, Nov 26 2002

       This, of course, works by magic. Not so much for calculating the probabilities, but for avoiding the need to input all these factors.
bookworm, Nov 26 2002

       The ironic thing is that the creation of such a database is destined to fail as a predictor of success once it becomes more popular. It would have the effect of shifting the bulk of the workforce towards the same goal, based upon calculated odds of 'the most optimal success solution,' which somebody calculate and post the short answers to. Essentially, places like New York would become overcrowded slums virtually overnight. A complete backfire would result. Whatever the thing advertised as 'cool' would be totally uncool. Eventually only people seeking affirmation would be left wearing these things.
RayfordSteele, Nov 26 2002

       ...or just get a crystal ball....   

       WIBNI....Magic....what more do we need?
Marassa, Nov 26 2002

       // places like New York would become overcrowded slums //   

       Ahem. For "would" read "have" ?
8th of 7, Nov 27 2002

       I beg to differ RayfordSteele, the majority of the people able to afford such a device would live in places like NY, and buy it to verify their 'success'. Even so, as everbody has their own definition of success, using the meter would still guide people to diverse destinations and lifestyle choices. It would be a means for goverment organsiations to track flux rather than a personal tool. In my personal search for pleasure, a device such as this would not guide me to happiness, but could be exploited by corporations as extremely persuasive advertising.
ninni, Jan 03 2004

       In today's society, who would have the time to use the bloody thing?
kranedawg, Mar 25 2004

       "Have you been bamboozled by a faulty wrist-predictor?   

       Call 444-444, that's 444-4444.   

       All fours for legal help you can predict!"   

       "On the next Maury, you'll meet a guy who swears by wrist-predictors. [That's how I pimped all this badonkadonk!]"
K-trein, Mar 26 2004

       why dont u pray real hard for a jeannie to come along... no need for such complex gadgets!
somegirl, Aug 16 2004

       If you build a microphone and small speaker both into the watch, I think that will guarantee instant feedback.
bungston, Aug 16 2004

       Would this AI charge for that kind of information? If so then I say that we are all going to die at some point. You all now owe me money.
thepowerofone, Apr 29 2006


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