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Umbrella dryer

Apparatus for drying your umbrella
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To get an umbrella to dry properly, you need to open it and then place it somewhere where it can dry. While it is drying, it a) drips on the floor and b) takes up space and c) if it is in a dark place or around a corner, trips passers-by.

I need an umbrella dryer. A bucket-shaped thing, where I can stick my wet umbrella. Turn it on, and it blows warm air around the umbrella and between its folds, so that the umbrella dries quickly and without the above mentioned negative side effects.

Useful both at home and in the office.

herilane, Apr 22 2002

(?) Umbrella stand http://www.finechin...s.com/umstan12.html
[phoenix, Apr 22 2002]

(?) Umbrella stand 2 http://shop.store.y...xpress/latumst.html
This one's not so good for keeping your floor dry. [phoenix, Apr 22 2002]

(?) Brolly spinner http://www.fine-pai.../brush_cleaner.html
Fits in your outside jacket pocket and doubles as a street weapon in civil disturbances. [jurist, Apr 25 2002]

rain-wipe http://www.youtube....7pQ&feature=related
done in japan. [mengwong, Apr 17 2010]

Vibrella Vibrella
Shameless self-promotion. [Wrongfellow, Nov 12 2010]


       If you have a bucket, you don't need a dryer. If you have a dryer, you don't need a bucket. I'd go with the bucket (a.k.a. umbrella stand) since it's cheaper and the umbrella is likely to get wet again, anyway.
phoenix, Apr 22 2002

       Yes, there are umbrella stands everywhere but that is not what I want. I want to be able to take out my umbrella after a few hours, dry enough that I can roll it and put it away.
herilane, Apr 22 2002

       Are you one of those people who watches his/her umbrella dry? Because then I could see the point in your invention. It would free up hours of your time. Keep in mind though that the act of watching an umbrella dry actually slows down the process.
grasshopper, Apr 22 2002

       Since seeing it mentioned as a possibility, I've been trying to trip passers-by with my umbrella all day. So far no luck, I think I need a darker place.
spartanica, Apr 23 2002

       It never ceases to amaze me that for the better part of two centuries the English ruled most of the world and all of the waves, yet still fret about a bit of mildew on their bumpershoots.
jurist, Apr 23 2002

       After coming inside with a wet unbrella, I fold it up and lean it. Then, when I leave (and the rain has stopped), I find that a few quick deploys in rapid succession dries it off quite nicely. Not far enough to snap it into the open position, just enough to splay the spines and expand the top rapidly.   

       As a professional brollyflipper, I know the value of a dry instrument.
waugsqueke, Apr 23 2002

       waugs, as a professional - do you have any tips on umbrellas and crowd control?
po, Apr 23 2002

       A true Englishman dries his umbrella with a piece of rag and a small quantity of Mr Worthington's patented umbrella dubbin.
pottedstu, Apr 23 2002

       Aside from Waug's assertions that he is a professional "brollyflipper"and pottedstu's paid endorsements for "Mr. Worthington's Dubbin", why hasn't anyone suggested an enlargement of the professional painter's centrifugal brush dryer? (See link.) These devices look and operate something like a standard manual bicycle pump, but instead of a straight plunge rod, incorporate a spiral (single-helix) rod that rotates a clamp at the end of the unit when forcefully depressed...(Sounds kind of sexy, doesn't it?...Unfortunately, it's entirely mundane.) In this particular adaptive case, however, instead of rotating a solvent-laden paint brush, the device would spin your rain-laden (not bin laden) brolly. If you can figure out how to make the "J" handles on the Umbrellas easily pop off, then this product is ready for the market shelves. Just slap your brand name on it.
jurist, Apr 25 2002

       po - it helps to be short.
waugsqueke, Apr 25 2002

       you can pay your visit to www.hastron.com, I saw a umbrella dryer there, it can drive away the waterdrops automatically in several seconds! maybe what you needed is that.
daxiyangbian, Nov 12 2010


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