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Squamish, in the snow, no one mentioned it snowed so much here!

Back now and again, but not enough time to give the bakery the attention it needs.

rblairlynch at hotmail dot com

[Feb 19 2002]

(+4, -2) Anti-trail off
(+3, -1) Automatic Shower Cleaner
(+2) Bathtub Remote
(+3) BYO Food Container
 Dash mount stress meter
 Designer Stains
(+4) Dispenser Fridge
(+2, -5) Duck
(+5, -4) E-mail Expiry Date
(+5) Fast-load ferry
(+7) hiking de-webber
(+22, -2)(+22, -2)(+22, -2) Keyboard Ant Farm
(+1) Old office Web-Cam
(+3) Resume-o-gram
(+6) Roll door appliances
(+2, -1) Suction-cup shampoo
(+2) Theft resistant license plates
(+1, -4) Tip status indicator
(+2) triple beams
(+9, -1)(+9, -1) Variety Cereal

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