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BYO Food Container

Avoid the extra garbage.
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A lot of people already bring thier own mug for coffee, and I have started taking my own bowl to Baskin & Robbins (they don't seem to mind). Take it one step further: A line of containers designed just for fast food. Aimed at frequent users of take out places and incorporating some sort of folding design to minimize the bulk. Bring your own containers in exchange for a discount on the meal. Marketing possibilities for the fast food companies to brand the containers, creating some customer loyalty. Pizza would be especially nice as you could have your own insulated container, no more getting home with a cold pizza. Delivery pizza simply slides out of the drivers container and into your own. Restaurants would need to be more specific about portions, as they would no longer be defined by the container.
rbl, Aug 01 2002

(?) Quasi-baked on "I'm Alan Partridge" http://www.alan-par...tridge/episode2.htm
Possibly the finest comedy programme ever made. Search page for "Benjamin Netinyahu." No, really. [calum, Aug 01 2002]


       A commendable effort, but surely carrying home the dirty plates afterward would be a nuisance?   

       Also, given the performance of most plastic knives and forks, I would have thought BYOB cutlery more likely to catch on.
DrCurry, Aug 01 2002

       this is a west coast thing I suppose, but I carry a back pack pretty much everywhere I go (sunscreen, rain gear)
rbl, Aug 01 2002

       you should just get your icecream in a cone!
gootyam, Aug 01 2002

       we've done this one before in the guise of returnable fast food t*pp*rw*re. it was thrown out during my last round of housekeeping.
mihali, Aug 01 2002

       you would be a lot fitter and healthier, my skinny friend, if you did your own cooking. <she said eyeing his funny little legs>
po, Aug 01 2002

       Well, where i work we have a similar system, only it's waxed boxes. they carry fruit and veggies to people's homes. the boxes are reused over 10 times at least (unless there's an act of stupidity involved- cat pee, dog chewing, bird pooping, slug trails, etc). The idea is wonderful, and the whole board of health issue could simply be avoided if your used container was brought back with you whence next you came to eat at said place. the place would then give you another reuseable container that had previously been cleaned by the board of health's standards. Cool, no?
kittybot, Aug 03 2002

       My local pizza place delivers my pizza in reusable insulated plastic boxes: they just slide the pie onto your plate.
partdavid, Jul 30 2007

       // BYOB cutlery // I tend to use a glass.
marklar, Jul 31 2007

       //you would be a lot fitter and healthier, my skinny friend, if you did your own cooking. <she said eyeing his funny little legs>//   

       met up with his nibs this summer - actually he has quite nice little legs - walked mine into the ground...   

       kiss sent to [rbl]
po, Jul 31 2007


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